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Вадим Галаганов
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You know when I googled you, the first article in the list was under the title: Visual optimist in photo. Are you an optimist in painting either?
I am not an optimistic.
That’s why I always keep my eyes open. Something is coming to happen. Before every kind of photographic session: I’m totally anxious but once it is started some kind of miracle occurs. I will find the way enjoying so much this day. I always take my best picture without camera.

When and why did you start painting?
I have been painting and drawing from almost the beginning of my life and I hope I will continue until the end ( just becoming curious about “the end").

How much time does it take you to create one piece?
Between not even 5 minutes and more than one day.

Your Russian friends told me that you had created at least 90 pieces for your exhibition? Is it true? When and where will it take place?
Not 90. Perhaps at least thousand. Supposed to be next September in Paris, but not so sure. If you draw or paint for being seen, it’s a dead end.

Lots of people say: I know nothing about modern art. What are your measures, whether the piece of art is worth seeing or not.
Every drawing is an accident, the magical moment happens sometime like opening a box, opening the curtains of an unknown place. But still never totally convinced.

Интервью с фотографом и художником Жилем Бенсимоном
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Photo: Maksim Mirnyi @Lavanda Production, Dmitry Ryazanov

Photo: Maksim Mirnyi @Lavanda Production, Dmitry Ryazanov
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